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Have you ever thought that you could have fun, make lasting friendships, challenge yourself, and achieve fitness results that you never thought possible all in one friendly and supportive environment?

You can and CrossFit Penticton is where it will happen!


CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that utilizes constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. CrossFit has become popular with anyone wanting to improve their level of fitness regardless of age, gender or current fitness level.


  • Metabolic conditioning or “cardio”– running, skipping, rowing, biking

  • Weightlifting – squats, deadlifts, clean & jerks, snatches, kettlebell swings, medicine ball drills

  • Gymnastics – pull-ups, push ups, jumps,
    ring dips, handstands, rope climbs, muscle-up, sit-up, lunges, back extensions



We provide the following programs to suit anybody’s needs.

Fundamentals Program

Private Training

Group Training


Nutrition Coaching

Child + Teen Programs

Custom Sports

Programs Facility Rental

We opened our doors in May of 2013 and have been changing lives through community driven fitness ever since. Our diverse team of coaches provides you with the best possible opportunity to help you reach your goals.



Every day a new Workout is posted, called the Workout of the Day or WOD. Everyone who comes to class that day does a version of the same WOD, based on their fitness level and goals, and receives a score based on time of completion, reps accumulated, or total work output — this creates a camaraderie among the participants that is unlike any other gym experience. In fact, it is more akin to the feeling one gets when they belong to an organized sports team.



We opened our doors in May of 2013 and have been changing lives through community driven fitness ever since. Our diverse team of coaches provides you with the best possible opportunity to help you reach your goals.


  • Is a first class facility with top of the line equipment

  • Has professional coaching staff

  • Is inclusive and judgement free

  • Has a supportive community

  • Is empowering and fun



CrossFit Penticton is so much more than just a gym. I started out a year ago to get stronger but the best thing I’ve gotten has been an encouraging group of peers who genuinely want you to be well in all aspects of your life.

The coaches are all fantastic and get to know you so they can really push you in the way you need it most, whatever that means.
~ Shelly
At 53 I knew I had to keep trying to find that fitness thing that I would enjoy for health and longevity. I remember the day after I was the last to finish the work out with everyone cheering me on. When I finally finished the tears flowed and Coach Ross hugged me telling me how well I did.  I had pushed myself well past what I would have done alone but I had this lovely team of 30 something yr olds wanting me succeed and cheered my on until the last rep was done.
To have that kind of support was a very new experience and brings tears of gratitude to this day.
~ Krista Sansom, Aka Mamak or MAMAK
At first my dad felt uncomfortable and scared to attend his program; but I signed him up and dropped him off. When I picked him up on his first day he said “I love this program, they cater to my abilities and needs by working with me and the group. I felt like I was a part and of the team and felt like I could do what everyone did by being shown modified versions while others did harder versions”. We as a family noticed an improvement in his appetite, his movement abilities and his balance. I’d highly recommend any senior looking to improve their fitness to seriously consider this program.
~Fred Allison (for the late Frederick Allison)
I joined CrossFit as a way to spend time with my teenage daughter. I wanted her to see that she was stronger than she realized. I had done some research, and knew I didn’t want to just “join a gym”, as I didn’t have the kind of background to confidently pursue fitness without the help of some coaching.
That was 3 years ago. I am happy to say that at one time or another, the rest of my children and husband have joined Penticton CrossFit. The coaching staff are encouraging, patient, knowledgeable and inspiring. I have and will continue to recommend Penticton CrossFit to my healthcare colleagues, as a way to improve both physical and mental well being
~ Jennifer Smith
Two years ago Jodi took on the long journey of helping me with my nutrition with the emphasis on fuel for strength and energy. Yes, I wanted fat loss to show all the hard work I put in, reflecting all the new fitness and skills I'd achieved, but my Autoimmune disease kept my slow metabolism unchanged. I have to say that I would have accepted the inevitable decline of my physical wellbeing without Jodi's dogged commitment and knowledge that there is no one size fits all regarding food but there are some basic nutrition needs that must be met for health. Her constant encouragement and tips made the long process easier and I have made some positive life-long nutritional changes.
~ Krista Sansom, Aka Mamak or MAMAK



Certified CrossFit Personal Trainers
215 Winnipeg Street, Penticton, British Columbia V2A 5M2

Ross: 250-300-6898 or Jodi: 250-718-0131

We respectfully acknowledge that we reside, work, and play on the unceded, traditional territory of the Sylix (Okanagan) people.